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 tips and tricks

Patience is a virtue!
Patience is an important virtue in polishing! Check the grinding result carefully. If necessary, repeat the previous grinding step to make sure all scratches have been completely removed.

 tips and tricks

Determining the correct speed is very important in the polishing process.
The higher the speed, the harder the contact and the higher the possible heat generation.
Cibo advises the following speeds as a guideline :
- Stainless steel: 30 - 45 m/s
- Aluminium & Non-Ferrous metal: 45 - 60 m/s
- Chrome: 20 - 35 m/s

tips and tricks

Removing deep grinding lines
Caution! Increased pressure can never compensate for grinding lines that are too deep. Careful preparation is therefore very important. Limit the pressure exerted. Excessive pressure can lead to excessive heat generation and overheating of the polishing materials. The best way to remove deep grinding lines is by using reinforced cotton mounting points.


Agressiveness versus finish

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