Choose the ideal flap disc

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   The average flap disc has the capacity to grind reasonably quickly and provide a reasonable finish. In comparison with a grinding disc it produces hardly any noise and is free of vibration. It has been developed and continuously improved over many years.
Whereas in the past a single type of disc was used to work all types of materials and workpieces, Cibo now offers a product range of specific flap discs with very distinct properties. Given the correct choice, our product range makes available to operators efficient and technically advanced discs offering a very controlled finish, perfectly suited to specific applications.

How to choose?

In the table below you can determine by 4 decisive parameters which CIBO flap disc is the most suitable for you. If you are having trouble with this selection, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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With the Standard line, Cibo offers you industrial quality flap discs at the most competitive prices. The specially designed cotton backing ensures a constant release of new abrasive grit, thereby ensuring that the disc has a very high level of efficiency.



The industrial line is characterized by quicker stock removal and a longer life span than the Standard line. Even when used with disc grinders of a power as low as 750 watt, this disc provides maximum efficiency.


Cibo’s High Performance disc is the crème de la crème of zirconium flap discs currently on the market. Its exceptional properties are ensured by its 100% zirconium grit and polyester cotton backing, very high stock removal from start to finish, combined with an extremely long life span. It is therefore the perfect choice for anyone wishing to undertake intensive stock removal of steel with substantial cost and time savings. This disc only reaches its full potential if used with heavy-duty grinding machines with a power of 1200 watt or more.


If you need even more from your flap discs, Cibo’s Top line is your ideal solution. It is the first ceramic flap disc with a poly-cotton backing. Thanks to its unique composition, the Top line is suitable for very heavy-duty, fast stock removal.
In addition to an unprecedentedly long life span, the disc is very comfortable to work with, because the uniform wear ensures that the working pressure on the disc remains constant. A motor of 1200 watt minimum is an absolute must.