General Info - abrasives



Abrasive materials on a flexible backing are used in nearly all sectors of the processing industry. The best known application for many years has probably been for woodwork. A wide variety of applications in addition to this was later developed. These applications are mostly situated in the metallurgical sector in the broad sense of the word, but very advanced applications also exist for working stone, glass, plastics and leather.

Without flexible abrasive materials there would be no cars, trains or airplanes, no computers, no petroleum refineries, no houses, furniture or interiors, no medical implants; there would be no surgery, sanitation or design; and the list goes on and on. In short, without flexible abrasive materials our daily lives would be completely different.

Construction of abrasive materials

The development of flexible abrasive materials has continued over the years.
Hence the current abrasive materials on a flexible backing are of a high technical standard. New grit types, new and improved bases, sophisticated resins and high-tech active abrasive ingredients provide each product with highly specific and advanced properties.

We can distinguish 3 large families: