New: CPC spindle-mounted wheels

CPC spindle-mounted wheels
17/01/2019Are you looking for a flexible abrasive material that you can use to remove weld discolouration in hard-to-reach spots or to clean up a work piece? Look no further than Cibo’s Cutting & Polishing tex (CPC), which is now available as spindle-mounted grinding wheels.

New: Finit-All machine

Finit-All: finishing stainless steel was never so easy
15/11/2018Are you unfamiliar with stainless steel, or do you only venture into the workplace occasionally? Then the Finit-All is the perfect tool for you. The Finit-All is a handy and competitively-priced machine for the perfect processing of stainless steel. This machine is a perfect match for our patented Combi unitised finishing disc, which allows you to quickly and easily remove the weld seam of an inside corner and finish it to perfection without risk.

Improved InoxiClean Restore & Spray formulas

InoxiClean Restore & Spray
02/10/2018The InoxiClean products clean, protect, and repair the surface. Cibo has introduced an improved formula for both the InoxiClean Restore and the InoxiClean Spray. The new Restore formula makes it even easier to remove rust and dirt, while the improved Spray works more effectively and economically!
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