• Secure cutting and deburring with Ultra Cutting & Deburring
    Burrs are unavoidably formed when cutting through stainless steel surfaces such as a plate or round tube, and for the sake of convenience these are often removed with the cutting disc itself. At first sight, this may seem to be the most logical approach, but it is certainly not the safest option. With Ultra Cutting & Deburring Cibo now has the perfect disc for both cutting and deburring.
  • Let your stainless steel shine with InoxiClean Restore
    Have you completed your spring cleaning already? Have you thought about your stainless steel items such as railings, benches, posts and mailboxes? Because make no mistake, the winter is hard for stainless steel. And despite being much more resistant to the elements of nature than traditional steel, stainless steel is not entirely maintenance-free. With InoxiClean Restore, Cibo offers the ideal cleaning product to keep Jack Frost at bay.
  • CPC spindle-mounted wheels
    Are you looking for a flexible abrasive material that you can use to remove weld discolouration in hard-to-reach spots or to clean up a work piece? Look no further than Cibo’s Cutting & Polishing tex (CPC), which is now available as spindle-mounted grinding wheels.
  • Finit-All: finishing stainless steel was never so easy
    Are you unfamiliar with stainless steel, or do you only venture into the workplace occasionally? Then the Finit-All is the perfect tool for you. The Finit-All is a handy and competitively-priced machine for the perfect processing of stainless steel. This machine is a perfect match for our patented Combi unitised finishing disc, which allows you to quickly and easily remove the weld seam of an inside corner and finish it to perfection without risk.
  • InoxiClean Restore & Spray
    The InoxiClean products clean, protect, and repair the surface. Cibo has introduced an improved formula for both the InoxiClean Restore and the InoxiClean Spray. The new Restore formula makes it even easier to remove rust and dirt, while the improved Spray works more effectively and economically!
  • New Cibo machines
    The drive motor for our Finitools has gotten a major upgrade. The result is machines that are not only lighter, but also more powerful and more reliable. The biggest improvement to the new machines is undoubtedly the powerful 1700-Watt motor, which ensures a power increase of more than 40% for maximum productivity. Furthermore, the motor can withstand heavy-duty work even better.
  • FF87 sanding belt
    The FF87 sanding belt, with its self-sharpening ceramic grit, is the newest addition to the Cibo ceramics line and was added to the Cibo range at the beginning of June. Ceramics are synonymous with a high machining power and a consistent finish throughout its long lifecycle. Given the improved performance, this quality is a perfect alternative to the JF4Top
  • Rebel One Combi unitized
    The International Hardware Fair in Cologne in early March was, for Cibo, all about the world premiere of our latest new innovation: the Combi unitized. Our stand was given a big Combi make-over, and this clear message did not go unnoticed. The interest was huge and important, the initial reactions from our customers and new contacts were extremely positive.
  • Rebel One Combi unitized
    Quick, easy, and error-proof removal of a weld seam in an inside corner and finishing to perfection. Who would not want that in times when the requirements for a better finish are constantly increasing? Thanks to Combi unitized, imagination has become reality.
  • New stand concept Cibo
    Cibo’s appearance at the Schweissen & Schneiden trade fair from 25 to 29 September was anything but ignored. We had so many interested visitors come to the stand, undoubtedly due in large part to the anticipation of the world première of our Rebel One unitized range of three-dimensional abrasive materials. But we also turned heads with our new stand concept, which had an eye-catching display of digital demo screens.
  • Cibo achieves ISO 9001 certification
    At Cibo, we recently obtained the ISO 9001 certificate, which is the international standard for quality management. This is not just good news for us, but also for you, our customer!
  • 12/06/2017
    Do you want to work faster, safer and more comfortable? With Cibo's next generation unitized abrasives all of this can be achieved easily. You will get beter results on the finishing of your stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, in less time, with very limited risk on grinding errors and with more comfort. Our unitized range now has a new look. All our unitized products are now branded Rebel One. Your familiar product is unchanged, except for the packaging that has been renewed. It is now easier to choose the appropriate product.
  • 20/02/2017
    Our CEO, Dominique Gilles, spoke to the traders of Haacht at the Unizo reception about CIBO, where the third generation is going to work with substantiated future plans. The UNIZO reception, with several traders and business leaders of Haacht, was an interesting experience in which motivation, courage and customer focus were key topics!
  • 12/12/2016
    Cibo will be closed during the Christmas holidays. We will be closed from Friday December 23th 2016 until Tuesday January 3th 2017 including. You can reach us again as from Wednesday January 4th 2017. We already wish you al the best for the new year.
  • 20/10/2016
    Great job done by our graphics team! Cibo is selected for the SAM-Awards of Showpad for the category “exceptional graphical design” of our Showpad channels, the Showcases and the brochure to introduce Showpad to our dealers.