Cibo achieves ISO 9001 certification

What does this mean for you?


At Cibo, we recently obtained the ISO 9001 certificate, which is the international standard for quality management. This is not just good news for us, but also for you, our customer! You can find out why below.

Thanks to this certificate, you, as our customer, are guaranteed to get precisely the product that we at Cibo aim for: unique and patented abrasive products where the focus is on saving time and increasing user comfort. But this is about more than just the product.

The customer always comes first, which is reflected in the service we provide. Everybody knows exactly what is expected of them, so that you always receive a quick and professional service.

Every single day, we pay attention to quality in general, which affects all our different operating processes and departments. We will carry on operating like this as we move forward, thereby making even greater improvements to the services we already provide to you.