Let your stainless steel shine as before


Have you completed your spring cleaning already? Have you thought about your stainless steel items such as railings, benches, posts and mailboxes? Because make no mistake, the winter is hard for stainless steel. And despite being much more resistant to the elements of nature than traditional steel, stainless steel is not entirely maintenance-free.

Our solution: InoxiClean Restore

With InoxiClean Restore, Cibo offers the ideal cleaning product to keep Jack Frost at bay. You can remove surface rust, dirt and grease with it to make everything look like new in no time. The new formula makes it even easier to return damaged surfaces back to their as-new cleanliness. The improved composition has a new, fresh scent. And it forms an even stronger attachment to the surface to ensure it soaks in even better. And last but not least, InoxiClean Restore now has the NSF label as well, which means it can also be used in food-preparation areas.