Secure cutting and deburring with Ultra Cutting & Deburring


Cutting discs are a common product in abrasives that they find their uses every day. Burrs are unavoidably formed when cutting through stainless steel surfaces such as a plate or round tube, and for the sake of convenience these are often removed with the cutting disc itself.

At first sight, this may seem to be the most logical approach, but it is certainly not the safest option. Regular cutting discs are simply too thin and lack the required stability for safe deburring, and the consequences can be catastrophic. 

But Cibo now has the perfect disc for both cutting and deburring. The Ultra Cutting & Deburring cutting disc is the latest addition to our Ultra line range and offers the best of both worlds. To begin with, safety is no longer an issue since the disk has double fibre-glass reinforcement and a special metal hub.

And of course, this also results in time and money savings because there is no longer a requirement to switch to a deburring disc after cutting.

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