Contact rolls Pipetuner

Contact rolls with ball bearings for CIBO Pipetuner. With these contact rolls you can make the perfect tube connection in every standard diameter.

You don't find the desired diameter? Contact Cibo, we make contact rolls in every size.

Suitable for: RVS
CodeDimensionsLengthWidthMin. useful widthMax. useful widthHeightThicknessDiameterDiameter spindleDiameter DDiameter APerforationsCenter holeVolumeAttachmentMax RPMDensityAvailabilityPacked per
SMSP120/VCK/102In stock1
SMSP120/VCK/20In stock1
SMSP120/VCK/21,5In stock1
SMSP120/VCK/26,9In stock1
SMSP120/VCK/33,7In stock1
SMSP120/VCK/42,4In stock1
SMSP120/VCK/48,3In stock1
SMSP120/VCK/60,3In stock1
SMSP120/VCK/70In stock1
SMSP120/VCK/76,1In stock1
SMSP120/VCK/88,9In stock1