Protecting certain parts of a workpiece during the sanding process

- Self adhesive
- Packed in a handy dispenser box

Suitable for: RVSAlu

Tips & tricks: Brush the weld seam in mitre


Step 1
Cut the Inoxitape to size using scissors. 

 Step 2
Remove the tape strip and stick the Inoxitape from corner to corner. Press the Inoxitape firmly onto the work-piece.
Make sure the work piece has cooled for the tape to stick properly. 
 Step 3
Sand lengthwise along the structure up to the Inoxitape.
Use the wheel to brush along the tape to make sure the structure is correctly positioned along the entire cutting line. That way you can work close to the tape, without crossing the side of the finishing wheel.
Turn the work piece and stick the Inoxitape to the other side of the mitre. Repeat the previous steps on this side. 
 Step 4
Remove the tape and then use Inoxiclean and very soft tissue (e.g. microfiber or flannel) to remove any glue traces or dirt from the work piece and protect it against fingerprints and grease stains.