Reducing flanges

Nylon with aluminium inner ring


Suitable for :
I.a. grinding wheels with center holes

Suitable for:
CodeDimensionsLengthWidthMin. useful widthMax. useful widthHeightThicknessDiameterDiameter spindleDiameter DDiameter APerforationsCenter holeVolumeAttachmentMax RPMDensityAvailabilityPacked per
RNY54/105410In stock2
RNY54/165416In stock2
RNY54/205420In stock2
RNY54/225422In stock2
RNY54/255425In stock2
RNY54/305430In stock2
RNY76/107610In stock2
RNY76/167616In stock2
RNY76/207620In stock2
RNY76/227622In stock2
RNY76/257625In stock2
RNY76/307630In stock2