Cloth belts - aluminium oxide

TJ7 - open belts with grip lock


Aluminium oxide on a flexible J-flex polyester cotton backing. Suitable for general use, for work on either metal or wood, where flexibility is important.

Open belts are the ideal solution for working closed tube constructions. The open belts are supplied with a corresponding grip lock.
Suitable for: MetaalRVSHoogwaardige LegeringenNon-FerroAluHard HoutZacht HoutLeder
CodeDimensionsGritAvailabilityPacked per
FMGRL/100/60040600x40100In stock10
FMGRL/120/60040600x40120In stock10
FMGRL/220/60040600x40220In stock10
FMGRL/320/60040600x40320In stock10
FMGRL/60/60040600x4060In stock10
FMGRL/80/60040600x4080In stock10
Grit typeGrit rangeBackingWeightTopcoatingWaterproof

Tips & tricks: Finishing closed tube constructions

Use open belts to finish your closed tube constructions.
Hook the belt around the tube, close the extremities with the supplied hook and loop lock and place the Finimaster’s drive wheel in the belt. Then start the machine and apply an even structure along the entire tube construction. It can be this simple to give a perfect finish to your construction.
The Cibo range includes both cloth open belts and tex open belts with grip lock.