Cloth belts - Trizact


This is a product of the Trizact™ family (3M). Trizact™ is an innovative grinding material produced with perfectly calibrated aluminium oxide grit in a pyramid shape. This three-dimensional grit of identical height ensure quick stock removal and an even and replicable finish without deep scratching or risk of burrs. This product has been especially developed for material that is difficult to work, such as stainless steel and exotic alloys, as used in aviation and space travel and in the medical sector. In addition, it has been used successfully in the finishing of copper, bronze, aluminium, composite materials and synthetic materials. The 237AA is not suited for use on titanium.

Suitable for: MetaalRVSHoogwaardige LegeringenNon-FerroAlu
CodeDimensionsGritAvailabilityPacked per
237AA/100/293x100B293x100A100 (P220)5 working days10
237AA/16/293x100B293x100A16 (P1400)5 working days10
237AA/160/293x100B293x100A160 (P120)5 working days10
237AA/30/293x100B293x100A30 (P600)In stock10
237AA/45/293x100B293x100A45 (P400)In stock10
237AA/6/293x100B293x100A6 (P2000)5 working days10
237AA/65/293x100B293x100A65 (P280)5 working days10
237AA/80/293x100B293x100A80 (P240)5 working days10
237AA/100/385x100B385x100A100 (P220)5 working days10
237AA/16/385x100B385x100A16 (P1400)5 working days10
237AA/160/385x100B385x100A160 (P120)5 working days10
237AA/30/385x100B385x100A30 (P600)In stock10
237AA/45/385x100B385x100A45 (P400)In stock10
237AA/6/385x100B385x100A6 (P2000)5 working days10
237AA/65/385x100B385x100A65 (P280)5 working days10
237AA/80/385x100B385x100A80 (P240)5 working days10
237AA/100/675x40B675x40A100 (P220)In stock10
237AA/16/675x40B675x40A16 (P1400)In stock10
237AA/160/675x40B675x40A160 (P120)In stock10
237AA/30/675x40B675x40A30 (P600)In stock10
237AA/45/675x40B675x40A45 (P400)In stock10
237AA/6/675x40B675x40A6 (P2000)In stock10
237AA/65/675x40B675x40A65 (P280)In stock10
237AA/80/675x40B675x40A80 (P240)5 working days10
Grit typeGrit rangeBackingWeightTopcoatingWaterproof
TrizactA160 (P120)-A100 (P220)-A80 (P240)-A65 (P280)-A45 (P400)-A30 (P600)-A16 (P1400)-A6 (P2000)CottonX--

Tips & Tricks: Steps to polish a 2B tube to a mirror shine with the Finitube

 Requirements: a Finitube with belts and an adjustable angle grinder with a polishing wheel
STEP 1: Finitube + 237AA/45/675x40B
STEP 2: Finitube + 237AA/30/675x40B
STEP 3: Finitube + MFX/240/675x40TB
STEP 4: Finitube + MFX/320/675x40TB
STEP 5: Adjustable angle grinder + FLM12550 (Flannel polishing wheel, see p. 371) +
    pink polishing paste

Trizact™ is a registrated trademark of the 3M Company.