Cloth belts - zirconium oxide


Cloth belts for stationary belt grinder

100% zirconium oxide grit on a heavy 'Y' polyester backing with grinding aids. The pure zirconium oxide ensures an extremely fast grinding process, whilst the active abrasive ingredient guarantees a very cool grinding process. This top product is ideal for heavy and fast grinding of primarily stainless steel and very hard types of steel.

Suitable for: MetaalRVSHoogwaardige LegeringenNon-FerroAlu
CodeDimensionsGritAvailabilityPacked per
HZ8T/36/2000x150B2000x150365 working days10
HZ8T/40/2000x150B2000x150405 working days10
HZ8T/50/2000x150B2000x150505 working days10
HZ8T/60/2000x150B2000x150605 working days10
HZ8T/80/2000x150B2000x150805 working days10
HZ8T/36/2000x75B2000x75365 working days10
HZ8T/40/2000x75B2000x75405 working days10
HZ8T/50/2000x75B2000x75505 working days10
HZ8T/60/2000x75B2000x75605 working days10
HZ8T/80/2000x75B2000x75805 working days10
Grit typeGrit rangeBackingWeightTopcoatingWaterproof