InoxiClean Restore - set

With the starter kit you have everything at had to clean all surfaces comfortable and in a jiffy

Remove flash rust and other impurities from stainless steel, aluminium & copper in a trice with InoxiClean Restore. Apply InoxiClean Restore; let it work in for 5 minutes, rub and rinse, and everything looks as good as new. 


Contenu InoxiClean Restore Set (ICRE/SET):




 InoxiClean Restore 500 ml



 Tex 00 sheet 140 x 100



 Tex handle



 Microfiber cloth extra fine



 Microfiber cloth fine



 Gloves (per pair)



NEW FORMULA removes rust and dirt with even more ease:

  • Forms an even stronger attachment to the surface so that it soaks in even better

  • New, refreshing fragrance

  • Approved for use in food preparation areas thanks to the NSF label


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Help! My stainless steel is rusting?!

Stainless steel also requires maintenance! 

Stainless steel is an alloy steel consisting of iron, nickel and chromium. The amount of nickel ensures that stainless steel is non-magnetic. The amount of chromium determines the corrosion-resistant properties of the material. Chromium that comes into contact with oxygen from the air forms a chromium oxide surface layer which protects the underlying steel from corrosion.

Flash rust on stainless steel is mostly caused by contamination from iron oxide particles. These iron oxide particles are small steel particles that whirl down onto the stainless steel surface. They become lodged in the stainless steel pores and start to oxidise.

This type of contamination mostly occurs in the vicinity of railroads, highways and workshops where carbon steel and stainless steel are processed in the same workspace.

A second type of contamination is aerosol. Sea water aerosol comprises small drops of sea water containing salt and chlorides. This type of contamination mainly occurs in coastal regions and in maritime applications, and leads to extreme local damage and pitting corrosion.

A third type is mechanical damage. Mechanical damage can take place when the stainless steel is processed. Bending, sawing, cutting, welding, contact with iron objects (such as fork-lift truck forks), can modify the original structure of the metal, resulting in the stainless steel losing the capacity for spontaneous oxide formation. 

In general, these contaminations hamper sufficient oxygen from reaching the surface, so that a new chromium oxide layer cannot form spontaneously after damage. In time, stainless steel also starts to corrode or rust, and can, if left untreated, compromise the mechanical strength of the structure.

The most obvious form of contamination occurs when dirt becomes concentrated in splits and cracks in the stainless steel structure. What also causes rust deposits quite often is the use of materials that differ to a great extent, in a single structure (such as galvanised bolts through stainless steel hinges).

Despite the fact that stainless steel is many times more resistant against natural elements compared to traditional steel, it is not entirely maintenance free.

It is important that the piece of work, the furniture or the structure is kept clean and that flash rust is removed frequently. Regular maintenance protects your investment from deterioration. 

Flash rust causes a brown surface or orange film which feels rough to the touch.

InoxiClean Restore

Quick, safe & 100% biodegradable.

Contamination in the form of (tea) stains, a rough surface or rust deposits, cannot be removed using household, garden or kitchen products. In the past, the only solutions for repairing the surface were the use of stains, products containing a slight amount of acid or the mechanical treatment of the surface, along with the accompanying risks for the treated surface, the environmental burden and the negative effects on the operator's health. 

Cibo has, however, had a specific cleaning product developed, called InoxiClean Restore.

InoxiClean Restore is a rust removal product and a deep cleaner formulated on the basis of natural ingredients. InoxiClean Restore is 100% biodegradable and can therefore also be used in the food industry.

InoxiClean Restore removes rust and impurities in a fast and safe manner. InoxiClean Restore brings back the original lustre and appearance of your stainless steel surfaces.


  • NEW FORMULA removes rust and dirt with even more ease:

  • - Forms an even stronger attachment to the surface so that it soaks in even better
  • - New, refreshing fragrance
  • - Approved for use in food preparation areas thanks to the NSF label


The InoxiClean Restore restores the surface, without affecting the original structure.

Instructions for use

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Spray the restore tot the surface to be treated.
  3. Leave it to work for approx. 5 minutes (work-in-time and product quantity depend on th level of contamination).
  4. Wipe down properly afterwards using a white tex pad.
  5. Remove the product with a wet sponge and dry using a clean cloth.
  6. Do not forget to rinse the product off of the surface when used in food-preparation areas.

Instruction movie


Tips & tricks

For the best possible result, without stripes, and for better protection of the brushed piece of work, use InoxiClean Spray after treatment with Restore.

Tips & tricks

When the surface to which Restore is applied, is hot (when heated by the sun, for example), it is recommended to wet the Tex pad before rubbing across the surface.

Also limit the size of the zone which you spray in one application, and repeat the steps until the entire piece of work has been treated.

This increases the level of comfort during application and improves the result.


Removes corrosion, dirt and oil on stainless steel, aluminium and copper in a fast and safe manner. Brings back the original lustre and appearance of the material.

InoxiClean Restore is 100% biodegradable, and the product is therefore not harmful to man or the environment.

Inzetbaar in

- Large kitchens

- Swimming pools

- Facade renovation

- Street furniture

- Terrace furniture

- Food containers

- Industrial bakeries

- Maintenance of machinery

- Rims and exhaust systems in vehicles


InoxiClean Restore does not remove scratches.








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