Inoxiclean Spray

Cleans and protects brushed surfaces

InoxiClean Spray is a powerful grease remover for stainless steel. Leaves a protective film after application. Does not contain abrasives and can also be used on metal, laminated plastic, ceramic tiles, etc. Inoxiclean is a cleansing agent that quickly and effortlessly removes fingerprints and other blemishes. This product is principally composed of mineral oils and waxy ingredients. Stainless steel surfaces (for example in kitchens and workshops) often have hard-to-remove fingerprints which make for a dirty appearance.

In addition, various types of activities often lead to the appearance of grease and water stains. Inoxiclean has been specifically developed to completely remove these blemishes and give surfaces an attractive appearance. Inoxiclean is applied undiluted and wiped off with a cloth.


Excellent cleansing properties thanks to specialactive ingredients that treat the surface.

A mild, neutral fragrance.

Gives a clean appearance to the surfaces treated.

Forms a thin protective film that efficiently helps to prevent the appearance of new marks.

Instructions for use:

Shake canister well before use and apply product at a distance of approximately 15 cm. Immediately wipe off, leaving the surface clean and dry. Under no circumstances allow the product to dry on a surface. 

NEW FORMULA works more effectively & economically:

  • Additional active ingredient very effectively removes dirt
  • Up to 25% more yield thanks to improved visibility and a more economical spraying system
  • Leaves behind a greaseless protective coating
Suitable for: RVS
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