Ultra line

Cutting discs

The superior Cibo Ultra line cutting discs enjoy an extremely long lifespan and cut as fast as lightning. As these cutting discs are entirely free of iron and sulphates, they are ideally suited for cutting stainless steel, practically without any burring. The ultra thin version of the cutting disc allows you to work extremely precisely. With our Ultra line range you will obtain the fastest and most durable cutting disc in one swoop. Choose the best cutting discs on the market and you are choosing to improve the comfort of your employees and manage your company’s costs!

Suitable for: MetaalRVSHoogwaardige LegeringenNon-FerroAlu
CodeThicknessDiameterCenter holeAvailabilityPacked per
SCRN115202,0011522,2In stock25
SCRN125202,0012522,2In stock25
SNRN11501,0011522,2In stock25
SNRN12501,0012522,2In stock25
SNRX11501,0011522,2In stock25
SNRX12501,0012522,2In stock25
SNRX12531,3012522,2In stock25