Unitized grip discs


Pressed abrasives consist of several layers of impregnated brushed nylon fabric, ingeniously glued together and hot-pressed into solid sheets with a controlled density, from which disks and wheels can be punched. They combine good cutting performance with a high-quality finish and enable you very quickly to remove heat tints, to improve the surface smoothness of the workpiece, etc.

Cibo has succeeded in anchoring unitized material onto a velcro backing. This flexible backing, in combination with a flexible back-up pad, makes the SAGR disc ideal for finishing flat surfaces.

Need more info about pressed abrasives? Discover here the fantastic properties and applications of the three-dimensional semi-flexible grinding materials.


 Our unitized range now has a new look! 

Suitable for: RVS
CodeDiameterShapePerforationsCenter holeGritDensityAvailabilityPacked per
SAGR/6/S104115S1046 - mediumIn stock5
SAGR/7/S104115S1047 - mediumIn stock5
SAGR/5/S104115S1045 - softIn stock5
SAGR/8/S104115S1048 - hard5 working days5
SAGR/7/S105125S1057 - medium5 working days5
SAGR/8/S105125S1058 - hard5 working days5
SAGR/6/S105125S1056 - medium5 working days5
SAGR/5/S105125S1055 - softIn stock5
SAGR/8/S106150S1068 - hard5 working days5
SAGR/6/S106150S1066 - medium5 working days5
SAGR/5/S106150S1065 - soft5 working days5
SAGR/7/S106150S1067 - medium5 working days5
Grit rangeBackingWeightTopcoatingWaterproof
5 - 6 -7 - 8Nylonweb--yes
Make sure your work piece has always cooled sufficiently prior to working it with unitized materials.
Too much heat generation can cause the material to melt, and thus to lose its superior properties.