LVT - Conical

Finishing disc - RC quality

The LVT finishing flap disc guarantees rapid material removal with significantly less heat generation. This disc never fills up, not even when finishing soft materials, with galvanotechnics, or bodywork.

The reinforced tex flap discs RC guarantee you a finer finish than the reinforced tex flap discs EC.

With regard to the EC quality surface conditioning discs, this flap disc has the following additional properties :

- extra long lifespan, allowing for significant time saving due to the lower number of disc replacements
- even cooler operation
- even faster results
- constant finish

 Other compositions are possible: contact CIBO.
Suitable for:
CodeTypeDimensionsMax RPMAdv. RPMGritDensityAvailabilityPacked per
LVT/RC1/115Al.-Ox.Ø 115x2213.2006.000COIn stock10
LVT/RC2/115Al.-Ox.Ø 115x2213.2006.000MEIn stock10
LVT/RC3/115Al.-Ox.Ø 115x2213.2006.000VFIn stock10
LVT/RC1/125Al.-Ox.Ø 125x2211.0005.500COIn stock10
LVT/RC2/125Al.-Ox.Ø 125x2211.0005.500MEIn stock10
LVT/RC3/125Al.-Ox.Ø 125x2211.0005.500VFIn stock10

The LVT-disc

The LVT-disc is also a Cibo innovation, developed in 2001. The power of this flap disc is in the constant decorative finish it can apply, mainly on stainless steel, but also on non-ferrous metals and high grade alloys. The LVT disc is manufactured entirely with flaps from surface conditioning. It is simple in use and guarantees a perfect finish, even for inexperienced users. However, please note: this disc works correctly only when used at a low rpm (5,500-6,000 RPM). Additionally, you should take into account that this type of disc has only limited abrasive capacity and is not suitable for heavy work.


Did you know the material of the LVT-disc has an open web structure which makes it ideal to remove lacquer in, for example, the automobile sector?

CO= Coarse - ME= Medium - VF= Very Fine