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Finishing disc

The Cibo RCD-disc allows you to grind down weld seams and provide a flawless finish in a single operation. 

Let the productmovie convince you:

The optimal rpm for working with the RCD-disc is 3.600 to 6.000 TPM. This way you can prevent areas being burnt, the disc has a longer lifespan and you can maintain absolute control of the grinding process.
Suitable for: MetaalRVSHoogwaardige LegeringenNon-FerroAlu
CodeTypeDimensionsMax RPMAdv. RPMGritDensityAvailabilityPacked per
RCD/CO/115Al.-Ox.Ø 115x2213.2006.000COIn stock10
RCD/ME/115Al.-Ox.Ø 115x2213.2006.000MEIn stock10
RCD/UC/115CeramicØ 115x2213.2006.000UCIn stock10
RCD/VF/115Al.-Ox.Ø 115x2213.2006.000VFIn stock10
RCD/XC/115CeramicØ 115x2213.2006.000XCIn stock10
RCD/CO/125Al.-Ox.Ø 125x2211.0005.500COIn stock10
RCD/ME/125Al.-Ox.Ø 125x2211.0005.500MEIn stock10
RCD/UC/125CeramicØ 125x2211.0005.500UCIn stock10
RCD/VF/125Al.-Ox.Ø 125x2211.0005.500VFIn stock10
RCD/XC/125CeramicØ 125x2211.0005.500XCIn stock10
RCD/ME/180Al.-Ox.Ø 180x226.0003.600MEIn stock10
RCD/XC/180CeramicØ 180x226.0003.600XCIn stock10

The RCD-disc!

The Cibo RCD-disc allows you to grind down weld seams and provide a flawless finish in a single operation.
This revolutionary and universally patented Cibo innovation consists of two complementary abrasive materials which provide fantastic results in a single operation. In the past, an experienced grinder required at least three operations to completely remove a weld seam. An inexperienced user can now complete this task in a single step

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  • • Controlled material removal
    • Forgiving
    • Even finish
    • Constant and low Ra-value
    • Improved finish, even for inexperienced users
    • Lower heat generation
    • Enormous time savings, only one operation instead of three
    • Significant cost savings
    • Can be used in a wide variety of applications: stainless steel, aluminium, special alloys, soft metals, wood, auto repair, etc.
    • Eco-friendly because less waste is created

• A perfect match between 2 technically advanced abrasive materials with varying abrasive capacities
• Surface Conditioning with a very rapid and even grinding capacity
• Polycotton extra flexible abrasive cloth with grinding aid
• Even wear of both the Surface Conditioning and the abrasive cloth
• Shock reducing effect
This disc is often used with:
  • - Finishing light weld seams
    - Finishing angles and toothing
    - Improving the surface roughness
    - Refining coarse grinding lines
    - Breaking edges
    - Grinding down casting errors
    - Removing milling lines
    - Homogenising surfaces
    - Preparation for polishing
    - Remove welding spatter
    - Light deburring

For efficient use of the RCD:
Follow the recommended speed and you will see a drastic decrease in your grinding costs, together with a significantly better. and, especially, more even finish.
Recommended speed : 3,600 – 6,000 RPM

TIP: The three golden rules for RCD.

 Working pressure
A well controlled working pressure is important for the end result. Work with the RCD at light pressure.
 Working angle
Grind at an angle of 10° to 15° (between the disc and the workpiece) to enlarge the contact surface
 Grinding movement
Make a back and forth movement with the RCD lengthwise along the work piece. The grinding movement with an RCD-disc is particularly important. The rotation of the disc is in the direction of the desired structure, the movement of the grinding tool is the opposite direction.

Tips & tricks: Grind down a weld seam on a round outside angle.

  • • Mount the RCD with the help of a flange on a variable speed angle grinder.
  • • Use the RCD Medium to grind down the weld seam.
  • • Use the RCD to grind down to the zone where both tubes come in contact with each other at the highest point. This is the point where the round outside corner moves into the hollow inside angle.
  • • After completinig one side using the RCD, repeat the process on the other side.
    • This process is completed when the outside angle where both tubes meet is nicely sharp and round, and the outside angle flows nicely into the inside angle.
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VF= Very Fine - ME= Medium - CO= Coarse - XC= Extra Coarse - UC= Ultra Coarse