A275 Foam/paper

A275 Paper, laminated on flexible foam rubber

- Dirt-repellent and cool action
- Very long lifespan
- One-sided use
- Adapts perfectly to the shape of the workpiece
- Pleasant in use, soft to the touch

- Manual use
- Irregular shapes on wood, lacquer, PVC and metal
- Very good results on lacquer, primers and MDF
- Auto repair
- Rattan and bamboo furniture

Suitable for:
CodeDimensionsThicknessGritAvailabilityPacked per
FO295/180/280230280x2301805 working days25
FO295/180/280115280x1151805 working days25
FO295/180/140115140x1151805 working days25
FO295/220/280230280x2302205 working days25
FO295/220/280115280x1152205 working days25
FO295/220/140115140x1152205 working days25
FO295/320/280230280x2303205 working days25
FO295/320/140115140x1153205 working days25
FO295/320/280115280x1153205 working days25