Ball spindle mounted flap wheels

Ball cloth flap wheels

With ball spindle mounted flap wheels Cibo offers the solution for the finishing of inside tube joints, hollow forms and the deburring of bores. What used to be a tough and time consuming task, now becomes child’s play.
This range of abrasive wheels is mainly to be used for the finishing of deep drawn parts, milled workpieces and extrusions.


- stainless steel
- ducts and U-profiles
- aircraft parts
- mold construction

Suitable for:
CodeWidthDiameterDiameter spindleDiameter holeAttachmentMax RPMAdv. RPMGritDensityAvailabilityPacked per
LSBZ/120/30630619,500120In stock10
LSBZ/120/40640614,800120In stock10
LSBZ/120/50650611,500120In stock10
LSBZ/120/6066069,800120In stock10
LSBZ/120/20620622,000120In stock10
LSBZ/40/50650611,50040In stock10
LSBZ/40/6066069,80040In stock10
LSBZ/40/40640614,80040In stock10
LSBZ/40/30630619,50040In stock10
LSBZ/60/6066069,80060In stock10
LSBZ/60/50650611,50060In stock10
LSBZ/60/30630619,50060In stock10
LSBZ/60/40640614,80060In stock10
LSBZ/60/20620622,00060In stock10
LSBZ/80/6066069,80080In stock10
LSBZ/80/40640614,80080In stock10
LSBZ/80/20620622,00080In stock10
LSBZ/80/30630619,50080In stock10
LSBZ/80/50650611,50080In stock10