Combi flap wheels - ceramic

Finimaster Pro - M14 - Ceramic

Grinding or finishing? Your choice!

Cibo’s development of the ceramic combi wheel has created the first grinding wheel that combines an aggressive ceramic linen with a soft tex. This provides a wheel that has two functions. Press hard and you have an aggressive wheel with a high grinding capacity. Grind with less pressure and you can easily create a fine smooth finish with this wheel.

- low-temperature grinding
 soft abrasive contact and low vibrations
the wheel has two functions: press hard = aggressive grinding; less pressure = finer finish

- Brush thin (curved) plates 
- Clean up surfaces to be welded 
- Remove damage or machine markings and refinish in one go 
- Completely remove mill scale (cold rolled) and brush to industrial finish 220 in one go 
- Prepare surfaces for paints and coatings

To be mounted on:
- Finimaster Pro
- Wheels of largeur 50 mm: adjustable angle grinder

Did you know you can easily mount 50 mm wide wheels on your adjustable angle grinder in order to very easily apply a perfect brush structure?
Suitable for: MetaalRVSHoogwaardige LegeringenNon-FerroAlu
CodeWidthDiameterDiameter spindleDiameter holeAttachmentMax RPMAdv. RPMGritDensityAvailabilityPacked per
FMCMC/60/1205050120M144.20060In stock1
FMCMC/60/120110110120M144.20060In stock1