Finishing wheels

Covolute wheels SA

Deburring, cleaning, brushing, structuring, finishing, removing scratches, satinising, improving surface roughness and removing oxidation, rust and scale

To be mounted on:
- Finit-Easy
- Stationary machines
- Wheels diameter 150 mm: heavy industrial machines with flexible shafts

For optimal efficiency, the pores of the finishing wheels have to be opened. This can be done easily with our abrasive file SV19030 in combination with the abrasive sheets 706GR/24/V006.
Suitable for: MetaalRVSHoogwaardige LegeringenNon-FerroAlu
CodeWidthDiameterDiameter spindleDiameter holeAttachmentMax RPMAdv. RPMGritDensityAvailabilityPacked per
SA2T31615025,46.0004.500SA2In stock6
SA1T31615025,46.0004.500SA1In stock6
SA3T31615025,46.0004.500SA3In stock6
SA4CT4012200764.5002.500SA4C5 working days2
SA4MT4012200764.5002.500SA4M5 working days2
SA3T4012200764.5003.450SA35 working days2
SA2T4012200764.5003.450SA25 working days2
SA1T4012200764.5003.450SA15 working days2
SA3T4125200764.5003.450SA3In stock3
SA1T332515025,46.0004.500SA1In stock3
SA3T332515025,46.0004.500SA3In stock3
SA1T4125200764.5003.450SA1In stock3
SA2T4125200764.5003.450SA2In stock3
SA2T332515025,46.0004.500SA2In stock3
SA1T345015025,46.0004.500SA1In stock2
SA3T4250200764.5003.450SA3In stock2
SA1T4250200764.5003.450SA1In stock2
SA2T4250200764.5003.450SA2In stock2
SA1T50503001273.0002.500SA1In stock1




shape firmness

most unalterable  least unalterabe

can be profiled





hard  soft

material removal

most agrressive  least aggressive


finer finish  coarser finish