Finishing wheels

Compressed wheels SA (unitized) - for Finit-Easy


Grinding down and/or finishing TIG weld seams

To be mounted on:


 Our unitized range now has a new look! 

Suitable for: MetaalRVSHoogwaardige LegeringenNon-FerroAlu
CodeWidthDiameterDiameter spindleDiameter holeAttachmentMax RPMAdv. RPMGritDensityAvailabilityPacked per
SA7T30315025,46.0003.000SA7In stock6
SA10T30315025,46.0003.000SA10In stock6
SA8T30315025,46.0003.000SA8In stock6
SA8T31615025,46.0003.000SA8In stock6
SA7T31615025,46.0003.000SA7In stock6
SA6T31615025,46.0003.000SA6In stock6
SA10T31615025,46.0003.000SA10In stock6
SA5T31615025,46.0003.000SA5In stock6

Unitized & Finit-Easy: a perfect combination!
The 3 mm and 6 mm wide Ø150 mm unitized wheels have been specially developed for use in combination with Cibo’s Finit-Easy. Through the combination of this ingenious extension arm and the unitized wheels, you can grind down the weld seams in the inside corners in no time, even in the most inaccessible places.