Finimaster - satinising machine

Satinising machine for flat surfaces

Do you need to brush, roughen, clean or polish work pieces? It's all possible with the Finimaster satinising machine, a machine that combines higher user comfort with a finish comparable to that of a stationary machine. With the Finimaster, you can generate a uniform finish in less time, especially on flat surfaces. There are many consumables available for this satinising machine, as can be found in the various sets. 


Suitable for: MetaalRVSAlu
CodeDiameterShaft lenghtRPM rangeVoltagePowerAvailabilityPacked per
FMBA220V1700WIn stock1
FMBASET1220V1700WIn stock1
FMBASET1/110110V1700W5 working days1
FMBASET2220V1700WIn stock1
FMBASET2/110110V1700W5 working days1
 FMBAFinimaster Basic machine11
 FMTA/80/100100Tex wheel Ø100 x 100 mm grit type 8011
 FMCA/80/100100Combined wheel Ø100 x 100 mm grit type 80-1
 FMSB1Drive wheel for abrasive belts11
 FMNU374Inflatable wheel Ø90 x 100 mm11
 FMVT/FE1/305x100Reinforced Tex sleeve Ø90 x 100 mm coarse11
 FMVT/FE2/305x100Reinforced Tex sleeve Ø90 x 100 mm medium22
 FMVT/FE3/305x100Reinforced Tex sleeve Ø90 x 100 mm very fine11
 FX87/40/293x100Abrasive sleeve 293 x 100mm FX87 grit type 401 1
 FX87/80/293x100 Abrasive sleeve 293 x 100mm FX87 grit type 801 1
 FX87/120/293x100Abrasive sleeve 293 x 100mm FX87 grit type 12011
 337DC/300/293x100Trizact™ sleeve Ø90 x 100mm grit type 300 (= grit type P80)11
 FF87/80/675x40Abrasive belt 675 x 40mm FF87 grit type 8011
 FF87/120/675x40Abrasive belt 675 x 40mm FF87 grit type 12011
 FMGRT/AF/60040Tex open belt 600x40 mm AF22
 FMGRT/SUF/60040Tex open belt 600x40 mm SUF22
 FMGRSL50030Grip lock (velcro fastner) 500 x 30 mm 1 1
 FORU/60Rubber-bonded sanding block grit type 60 - 1
 SPICInoxiclean spray can - 1
 MHITInoxitape - 1

+ delivered in a sturdybox
+ spanner 17mm + pump
Trizact™ is a registered trademark of the 3M Compagny.

Large range of consumables

The range of consumable accessories is extensive, including tex and combined flap wheels, abrasive sleeves for inflatable wheels and various abrasive belts. 

Long service life

Motor with auto-stop carbon brushes and patented dust protection for long service life. 

Safety asset

The air inlets protect the motor against overheating. The soft-start motor also contributes to safety in addition to the restart protection (which prevents automatic restart after a power failure). 

Perfect control

The handle located directly above the sanding wheel ensures perfect control of the working pressure. 

Maximum productivity

Maximum productivity thanks to the powerful 1700-Watt motor and robust planetary gear. VTC electronics guarantees constant rpm under any load.