Finimaster Pro - satinising machine

Finimaster Pro, the mobile workshop

This powerful satinising machine with an extremely high torque ensures amazing power transmission. The adjustable speed guarantees comfort and is user-friendly.
The ingeniously placed handle ensures 100% controllable working pressure.
The result is an uniform and flawless finish in less time and using less material on sheet material as well as on round and square tubes.
Regardless of whether we are dealing with satinising, structuring, homogenising, brushing, roughing, cleaning, polishing, … the Finimaster combines high user-friendliness with a finish similar to that of a stationary machine. The Finimaster's great zest for work can be seen in the wide variety of brushes, belts and finishing and grinding wheels that can be used on this machine.

Suitable for: MetaalRVSAlu
CodeDiameterShaft lenghtRPM rangeVoltagePowerAvailabilityPacked per
FMCI220V1200WIn stock1
FMCIPRS1220V1200WIn stock1
FMCIPRS1/110110V1200W5 working days1
FMCIPRS2220V1200WIn stock1
FMCIPRS2/110110V1200W5 working days1
 FMCIFinimaster machine11
 FMTM/80/120110Tex wheel Ø120 x 110 mm grit 8011
 FMCM/80/120110Combi wheel Ø120 x 110 mm grit 80-1
 FMSBM1Drive wheel for abrasive belts11
 FMNUMInflatable wheel Ø120 x 100 mm11
 VT/FE1/395X100Reinforced Tex sleeve Ø120 x 100 mm coarse11
 VT/FE2/395X100Reinforced Tex sleeve Ø120 x 100 mm medium22
 VT/FE3/395X100Reinforced Tex sleeve Ø120 x 100 mm very fine11
 TZ59/40/385X100Abrasive sleeve Ø120 x 100mm grit type 401 1
 TZ59/80/385X100Abrasive sleeve Ø120 x 100mm grit type 801 1
 TZ59/120/385X100Abrasive sleeve Ø120 x 100mm grit type 12011
 337DC/300/385X100Trizact™ sleeve Ø120 x 100 mm grit type 300 (= grit type P80)22
 JF4T/80/675X40Abrasive belt 675 x 40mm grit type 8011
 JF4T/120/675X40Abrasive belt 675 x 40mm grit type 12011
 FMGRT/AF/60040Tex open belt 600x40 mm AF22
 FMGRT/SUF/60040Tex open belt 600x40 mm SUF22
 FMGRSL50030Grip lock (velcro fastner) 500 x 30 mm 1 2
 FORU/60Rubber-bonded sanding block grit type 60 - 1
 SPICInoxiclean spray can - 1
 MHITInoxitape - 1

+ delivered in a sturdy box
+ spanner 17mm + pump
Trizact™ is a registered trademark of the 3M Company.


Satinising, structuring, homogenising, brushing, roughing, cleaning, polishing, etc. of stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, plastic, wood and much more.


- Double toothed gear transmission that provides an extremely high torque, resulting in amazing power transmission.
- VTC-electronics steering guarantees a constant revolution speed. It monitors the winding temperature, even under heavy loads, and includes electronic safety restart.
- Continuously adjustable speed control from 900 to 2810 RPM for optimal use of the grinding products.
- Patented powder coating provides additional protection of the motor against dust (up 50% longer lifespan).
- Powerful 1200 Watt motor
- Double bearing
- The handle is placed directly above the grinding wheel for perfect control of the workpiece.
- Solid, easily adjustable protective cap.
- Each set is delivered with a sturdy toolbox.


- Uniform & flawless finish
- Faster grinding, quicker results
- Perfect control of workpiece
- Suited for working sheet material as well as round and square tubes
- It is also possible to grind right into corners
- Grinding from practically any position thanks to the ingeniously adjustable protective cap.
- Faster change of materials thanks to the handy attachment system M14
- Cooler grinding
- Up 220% more grinding material 
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