Finit-Easy set - inner corner grinder

No corner is safe anymore!

Accessibility is an important term in the world of abrasives. Nearly anything can be manufactured and welded, but it is not much help if the piece cannot be finished. The Finit-Easy inner corner grinder offers you the accessibility and freedom of movement you require for a professional finish in hard-to-reach areas and corners. Finishing inside joints and removing weld seams becomes child's play with this innovative extension arm.

Suitable for: MetaalRVSAlu
CodeDiameterShaft lenghtRPM rangeVoltagePowerAvailabilityPacked per
SMFEBA220V1700WIn stock1
SMFEBB110V1700W5 working days1
SMFEFA220V1700WIn stock1
SMFEFB110V1700W5 working days1


FiniPower®: 1700 Watt and Finit-Easy-arm11
 FA3T32Rebel One finishing wheel Ø150 x 13 x 25,4 F-line - dens.3-1
 FA5T32Rebel One finishing wheel Ø150 x 13 x 25,4 F-line - dens.5-1
 SA5T31Rebel One finishing wheel Ø150 x 6 x 25,4 S-line - dens.511
 SA6T31Rebel One finishing wheel Ø150 x 6 x 25,4 S-line - dens.611
 SA7T30Rebel One finishing wheel Ø150 x 3 x 25,4 S-line - dens.711
 MA8T30Rebel One finishing wheel Ø150 x 3 x 25,4 M-line - dens.811
 TA10T30Rebel One finishing wheel Ø150 x 4,2 x 25,4 T-line - dens.10-1
 GA7T31Rebel One Combi finishing wheel Ø150 x 6 x 25,4 G-line - dens.71 1

Rebel One Combi finishing wheel Ø150 x 6 x 25,4 G-line - dens.8

- 1
 RCD/ME/125RCD-disc Ø125x22 Medium11
 SAG/5/125Rebel One disc on glass fibre Ø125 x 22 S-line - dens.511
 FORU/60Rubber-bonded sanding block grit type 60-1
 SPICInoxiclean spray can-1
 MHV5600/T31Felt disc Ø150 x 5 x 25,411
 PV102High gloss polishing paste - pink11
 FMGRT/AF/60040Tex open belt 600x40mm AF12
 SMFE/A1010/13mmNut flange Ø45 x m14 (25.4) Finit-Easy - raised-1
 SV19030Abrasive file 190 x 30mm11
 706GR/24/V006Grip sheet 190 x 30 mm Grit type 2466

+ delivered in a sturdy box
+ socket wrench 4 mm and 6 mm + spanner

Smooth operation

The Cibo Finit-Easy has a direct connection of the arm to the drive motor. Due to this direct mounting, the connection between both parts is extremely compact and stable. The direct drive ensures the flexible and quiet working of the appliance. The device has ergonomic advantages. Due to the ingenious positioning of the arm, the device is better balanced, which improves its grip. This results in a smooth and comfortable operation.

Optimal accessibility

As the extension arm is connected onto the driving motor, the Finit-Easy is 40% more compact at the height of the connection, considerably increasing accessibility. At 25mm, the end of the arm is the narrowest on the market. As a result, the Finit-Easy can be used to finish acute corners up to 30°.

Adjustable protective cover

The Finit-Easy has a practically continuous variable protective cover. With its handy click and sliding system, the protective cover can be moved through an angle of 90°. As a result, the cap can be optimally positioned at any given time with little effort, no matter how you twist or turn the machine. This ensures safe use in all circumstances, without the protective cap interfering with your work.

Maximum productivity

The powerful 1700 Watt drive motor has a robust planetary gear. It is a powerful motor, unstoppable even at low rpm. In order to transmit this power, a practically indestructible Multi V-belt with built-in slip clutch runs right through the extension arm. Because this drive belt will slip before the machine reaches its highest torque, it retains its ability to protect the motor and the operator. The rotation speed of the motor can be adjusted from 1000 to 4300 RPM. By adjustment of the speed of the machine to the advised RPM specified on the abrasive products, we can guarantee maximum efficiency of our abrasive material. In this way you can avoid burnt areas on the workpiece and you have maximum control of the grinding process.

Stainless steel-safe

The Finit-Easy extension arm is manufactured entirely from anodised aluminium. The flanges used to attach grinding products to the M14 screw thread are made from stainless steel. This makes the machine completely stainless steel-safe. There is no contamination if part of the machine comes in contact with a stainless steel workpiece. 


The stainless steel flanges allow you to mount discs of varying shaft diameter and thickness effortlessly and safely on the Finit-Easy.
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