Finitube set - pipe sander

Smooth through the curve with powerful pipe sander

There are many types of tube fabrication. Tight radius bends, wide sweeping curves or simple long lengths. Whatever the type of tube or pipe you need to finish, achieving a consistant high quality finish is always the challenge.

The new Finitube is an innovative and ingeniously designed pipe sander for the easy finishing of (eg. stainless steel) tubes and pipes. This is a trail-blazing concept. In the design, Cibo has combined the experience of the many regular and satisfied users of the first model with the know-how and expertise of Cibo engineers. The result: a harmonious marriage between user-friendliness, innovative design and industrial quality, guaranteeing a quick and perfect finish for any type of tube, cylinder or pipe construction.

Suitable for: MetaalRVSAlu
CodeDiameterShaft lenghtRPM rangeVoltagePowerAvailabilityPacked per
SMFTNA220V1700WIn stock1
SMFTNB110V1700W5 working days1
Motor and FiniTube-arm
 VT/RC1/675x40Reinforced Tex belt 675x40 RC1-Coarse1
 VT/RC2/675x40Reinforced Tex belt 675x40 RC2-Medium2
 VT/RC3/675x40Reinforced Tex belt 675x40 RC3-Fine1
 FF87/120/675x40Abrasive belt 675x40 FF87 grit type 1202
 FF87/240/675x40Abrasive belt 675x40 FF87 grit type 2402
 FF87/320/675x40 Abrasive belt 675x40 FF87 grit type 3202
 237AA/30/675x40Trizact™belt 675x40 grit type A30 (= grit type P600)1
 237AA/45/675x40Trizact™belt 675x40 grit type A45 (= grit type P400)1
 T/AVFSOFT/170158 Tex sheet 170 x 158 AvfSoft-Very fine4
 T/SUF1000/170158 Tex sheet 170 x 158 Suf1000-Ultra fine4
 FORU/60Rubber-bonded sanding block grit type 601
 SPICInoxiclean spray can1

+ delivered in a sturdy box
Trizact™ is a registered trademark of the 3M Company.

Smooth operation

The directly driven arm on the driving motor is a remarkable technical improvement of the new Finitube. It is truly unique. This direct drive makes the connection between both parts extremely compact and stable. The abrasive belt is located in the extension of the machine and is perfectly aligned with the drive motor. As a result, the belt is very stable and runs smoothly over any tube or cylinder. Due to this unique design, the machine is very compact and easy to use.

Stable belt alignment

The new Finitube’s 3 guide wheels immediately attract attention. Each wheel has its own design and technical properties. Each tread has its own pattern. The two runner wheels are wear-resistant and break-resistant and are equipped with specially designed lateral flanges. The rubber driving wheel comes with smart V-grooves. This unique concept gives the user many advantages. First of all, there is the incredibly flexible and stable belt tracking. The innovative guide wheels make it practically impossible for the machine’s abrasive belt to slip off, irrespective of the machine’s or user’s position or complexity of the tube to be worked. The V-grooves ensure perfect traction without slipping and cool operation that considerably extends the lifespan of your abrasive belts.

Safety asset

The extension arm has an impact-proof foot. As a result, it is safe to place the machine on the floor, which increases user-friendliness. A protective stop has been mounted on the arm. This is the key to worry-free use of the machine, as it protects the workpieces against possible damage by the machine. The arm itself has been designed to be opened simply and quickly.

Easy to use

The unique round handle on the Finitube’s top arm is extremely easy to operate, regardless of the operator’s position. Due to the ingenious position of this round handle, less strength is required to close the arm completely. This allows the user to grip practically any tube, regardless of its diameter, to give it an optimal finish.

270° range

With the most frequently used tube diameters, you have an immediate reach of no less than 270°, and with an extra movement, you can easily reach the full 360°.

Maximum productivity

The powerful 1700 Watt driving motor has a robust planetary gear with an extremely high torque. In order to transmit this force to the abrasive belt, a practically indestructible Multi V-belt is used with a built-in slip clutch. Because this drive will slip before the machine reaches its highest torque point, it retains its ability to protect the motor and the operator.

Tips & Tricks: Steps to polish a 2B tube to a mirror shine with the Finitube


Requirements: a Finitube with belts and an adjustable angle grinder with a polishing wheel
STEP 1: Finitube + 237AA/45/675x40B
STEP 2: Finitube + 237AA/30/675x40B
STEP 3: Finitube + MFX/240/675x40TB
STEP 4: Finitube + MFX/320/675x40TB
STEP 5: Adjustable angle grinder + FLM12550 (Flannel polishing wheel) + pink polishing paste)

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