Mounted points

Compressed wheels SA (unitized) mounted points

- Finishing inside weld seams and workpieces with limited accessibility
- Removing weld discolourations
- Removing milling lines
- Improving surface roughness

To be mounted on:
- Straight grinders
- Driving motors with flexible shafts



 Our unitized range now has a new look! 

Suitable for: MetaalRVSHoogwaardige LegeringenNon-FerroAlu
CodeHeightDiameterDiameter spindleShapeColourMax RPMAdv. RPMGritDensityAvailabilityPacked per
SAUSW16382163W16360.00060.000SA8In stock5
SAUSW16082163W16081.30081.300SA8On request5
SAUSW16381163W16360.00060.000SA8On request5
SAUSB52731103B5245.30045.300SA7On request5
SAUSB52732103B5245.30045.300SA7In stock5
SAUSW183821133W18351.70051.700SA8On request5
SAUSW183732133W18351.70051.700SA7In stock5
SAUSW185631133W18534.50034.500SA6On request5
SAUSW185731133W18534.50034.500SA7On request5
SAUSW185811133W18534.50034.500SA8In stock5
SAUSW183731133W18351.70051.700SA7On request5
SAUSW185632133W18534.50034.500SA6In stock5
SAUSW183632133W18351.70051.700SA6In stock5
SAUSB90821133B9034.50034.500SA8In stock5
SAUSB90731133B9034.50034.500SA7In stock5
SAUSB121821133B12145.30045.300SA8In stock5
SAUSB121731133B12145.30045.300SA7On request5
SAUSW220821256W22025.00025.000SA8On request5
SAUSA21732256A2134.50034.500SA7On request5
SAUSA21632256A2134.50034.500SA6In stock5

When should you choose reinforced cotton or unitized?


Compressed, impregnated fibres, even softer than GFA:
• finishing spindles: high finish
• limited stock removal capacity
• adapt easily to the workpiece
• even more forgiving than GFA

Reinforced Cotton


2 different bonds can be distinguished in the reinforced cotton:

Soft latex bond:
• minor deburring and finishing in a single operation
• extremely forgiving

Resin bond, harder than GFA
• longer lifespan and angle resistance
• relative quick stock removal
• simultaneously provides an even shiny grinding image

Max. RPM with a maximum free spindle length of 12 mm.