Mounted points

Reinforced cotton

- Removing internal weld seams
- Works more aggressively than compressed grinding materials

To be mounted on:
- Straight grinders
- Driving motors with flexible shafts


Suitable for: MetaalRVSHoogwaardige LegeringenNon-FerroAlu
CodeHeightDiameterDiameter spindleShapeColourMax RPMAdv. RPMGritDensityAvailabilityPacked per
RCMP/W160/MTA80/363W16081.300MT A80In stock10
RCMP/W163/MTA8066W16381.300MT A80In stock10
RCMP/A15/MTA8066A1581.300MT A80In stock10
RCMP/A15/GFA12066A1581.300GF A120In stock10
RCMP/W160/GFA120/363W16081.300GF A120In stock10
RCMP/W175/GFA120106W17545.300GFA120In stock10
RCMP/B52/MTA54106B5245.300MT A54In stock10
RCMP/B52/GFA80106B5245.300GF A80In stock10
RCMP/W175/GFA120/3103W17545.300GF A120In stock10
RCMP/B52/MTA80/3103B5245.300MT A80In stock10
RCMP/W175/MTA80/3103W17545.300MT A80In stock10
RCMP/W177/MTA80106W17745.300MT A80In stock10
RCMP/W178/GFA120106W17845.300GF A120In stock10
RCMP/W177/MTA54106W17745.300MT A54In stock10
RCMP/W177/GFA80106W17745.300GF A80In stock10
RCMP/B52/GFA120/3103B5245.300GF A120In stock10
RCMP/W177/GFA120106W17745.300GF A120In stock10
RCMP/W175/MTA80106W17545.300MT A80In stock10
RCMP/B52/MTA80106B5245.300MT A80In stock10
RCMP/B122/MTA80106B12245.300MT A80In stock10
RCMP/B122/GFA120/3103B12245.300GF A120In stock10
RCMP/B122/GFA120106B12245.300GF A120In stock10
RCMP/B52/GFA120106B5245.300GF A120In stock10
RCMP/B122/MTA80/3103B12245.300MT A80In stock10
RCMP/W185/MTA80136W18545.300MT A80In stock10
RCMP/W186/MTA80136W18645.300MT A80In stock10
RCMP/W185/GFA120136W18545.300GF A120In stock10
RCMP/W183/MTA80136W18345.300MT A80In stock10
RCMP/W183/GFA120136W18345.300GF A120In stock10
RCMP/B121/GFA120136B12145.300GFA120In stock10
RCMP/B42/GFA120136B4245.300GF A120In stock10
RCMP/B42/MTA80136B4245.300MT A80In stock10
RCMP/B121/MTA80136B12145.300MT A80In stock10
RCMP/W185/GFA80136W18545.300GF A80In stock10
RCMP/W186/GFA120136W18645.300GF A120In stock10
RCMP/A26/MTA80166A2638.900MT A80In stock10
RCMP/A26/GFA120166A2638.900GF A120In stock10
RCMP/A12/GFA36186A1238.000GF A36In stock10
RCMP/A5/MTA54196A538.900MT A54In stock10
RCMP/W220/GFA36256W22034.500GF A36In stock10
RCMP/A3/GFA36256A334.500GF A36In stock10
RCMP/A25/MTA24256A2534.500MT A24In stock10
RCMP/A25/GFA36256A2534.500GF A36In stock10

When should you choose reinforced cotton or unitized?


Compressed, impregnated fibres, even softer than GFA:
• finishing spindles: high finish
• limited stock removal capacity
• adapt easily to the workpiece
• even more forgiving than GFA

Reinforced cotton


2 different bonds can be distinguished in the reinforced cotton:

Soft latex bond:
• minor deburring and finishing in a single operation
• extremely forgiving

Resin bond, harder than GFA
• longer lifespan and angle resistance
• relative quick stock removal
• simultaneously provides an even shiny grinding image

Max. RPM with a maximum free spindle length of 12 mm.