Compound sponges

Compound sponges


  • Yellow: aggressive sponge with open cell structure for severely damaged lacquer
  • White: firm sponge with closed cell structure for general use with the most common compound and polishing brands
  • Blue: softer sponge with open cell structure for use on cellulose and acrylic lacquer
  • Black: extremely soft sponge, excellent for dark lacquer and delicate work


  • Polishing away scratches from lacquer, a.o. car repair
  • Buffing cars, caravans, boats, etc.

To be mounted on:

Suitable for: CarrosserieLakken/Vernissen
CodeTypeWidthHeightThicknessDiameterDiameter spindleDiameter holeShapeCenter holeVolumeColourAttachmentRowsDensityAvailabilityPacked per
PCG/B/150150sponge (compound sponges)BluegripIn stock1
PCG/G/150150sponge (compound sponges)YellowgripIn stock1
PCG/W/150150sponge (compound sponges)WhitegripIn stock1
PCG/Z/150150sponge (compound sponges)BlackgripIn stock1
PCM/B/150150sponge (compound sponges)BlueM14In stock1
PCM/G/150150sponge (compound sponges)YellowM14In stock1
PCM/W/150150sponge (compound sponges)WhiteM14In stock1
PCM/Z/150150sponge (compound sponges)BlackM14In stock1
PCW/B/150150sponge (compound sponges)BlueW5/8On request1
PCW/G/150150sponge (compound sponges)YellowW5/8On request1