- For applications in which the contact surface of the disc has to be relatively small, or where the control of the grinding activity is important
- Weld discolourations
- removing milling lines
- Improving surface roughness


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Suitable for: MetaalRVSHoogwaardige LegeringenNon-FerroAlu
CodeThicknessDiameterMax RPMGritDensityAvailabilityPacked per
QLSA/10/5033,005018.00010 - hard5 working days10
QLSA/7/5033,005018.0007 - medium5 working days10
QLSA/7/5066,005018.0007 - medium5 working days10
QLSA/8/5033,005018.0008 - hard5 working days10
QLSA/6/5066,005018.0006 - medium5 working days10
QLSA/8/5066,005018.0008 - hard5 working days10
QLSA/10/5066,005018.00010 - hard5 working days10
QLSA/5/5066,005018.0005 - soft5 working days10
QLSA/8/7566,007512.0008 - hardIn stock10
QLSA/8/7533,007512.0008 - hard5 working days10
QLSA/7/7566,007512.0007 - mediumIn stock10
QLSA/6/7566,007512.0006 - mediumIn stock10
QLSA/10/7533,007512.00010 - hard5 working days10
QLSA/10/7566,007512.00010 - hard5 working days10
QLSA/5/7566,007512.0005 - softIn stock10
QLSA/7/7533,007512.0007 - medium5 working days10

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