Cloth rolls - Micro-Mesh


Micro-Mesh is a concept whereby extremely precisely calibrated grit crystals are bonded with a flexible glue on a supple cotton base. Due to the elastic positioning, this grit always comes in contact with the workpiece at a positive angle. This ensures a constant and even scratch depth. This ingeniously thought out design guarantees an extremely even, constant and precise finishing pattern.

Micro-mesh achieves the best results provided a light mist is used. The use of an exessive amount of water is not recommended with Micro-mesh.
Suitable for: RVSHoogwaardige LegeringenNon-FerroAluHard HoutGlas/SteenKunstof/RubberCarrosserie
Grit rangeBackingWeightTopcoatingWaterproof
MFR1500 (P800)-MFR1800 (P1200)-MFR2400 (P1500)-MFR3200 (P3000)-MFR3600 (P3500)-MFR4000 (P4000)-MFR6000 (P5000)-MFR8000 (P6500)-MFR12000 (P8000)CottonF-yes