Film delta grip sheets



Open coated aluminium oxide grit with an active abrasive ingredient on a film backing. Extremely tear-resistant. Does not overflow, long life span, extremely large grit size range. Can be used for many purposes, especially with more intensive grinding operations. Ideal for finishes of soft wood types and car repair, paints, lacquers and varnishes. Used both wet and dry.


Suitable for: MetaalRVSNon-FerroAluHard HoutZacht HoutCarrosserieLakken/Vernissen
CodeDimensionsShapePerforationsGritAvailabilityPacked per
331GR/120/D00180x80D001none1205 working days100
331GR/60/D00180x80D001none605 working days100
331GR/80/D00180x80D001none805 working days100
331GR/120/DP0195x95DP0161205 working days100
331GR/60/DP0195x95DP016605 working days100
331GR/80/DP0195x95DP016805 working days100
331GR/120/DP04150x102DP0471205 working days100
331GR/60/DP04150x102DP047605 working days100
331GR/80/DP04150x102DP047805 working days100
Grit rangeBackingWeightTopcoatingWaterproof