Tex sheets


The nylon fibres are combined into a three- dimensional web structure using thermo-setting synthetic resin, and are available in various grit sizes with an aluminium oxide grit. The result is an elastic abrasive material with an open structure that is easy to use and provides an even and constant finish. The tex material does not affect the geometrical shape of the work pieces. A/O creates a good long-lasting finish at high speeds.

The Tex grit size is shown with letter combinations, in contrast to the classic abrasive materials.

AC = Aluminium oxide Coarse
AM = Aluminium oxide Medium
AF = Aluminium oxide Fine
AVF = Aluminium oxide Very Fine 

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Suitable for: MetaalRVSHoogwaardige LegeringenNon-FerroAluHard HoutZacht HoutGlas/SteenKunstof/RubberCarrosserieLakken/VernissenLeder
CodeDimensionsShapePerforationsGritAvailabilityPacked per
T/AVFPP/224158224x158A/O5 working days50
T/AC/224158224x158AC5 working days50
T/AF/224158224x158AF5 working days50
T/AM/224158224x158AM5 working days50
T/AVFSoft/224158224x158AVFSoftIn stock50
T/AVFStrong/224158224x158AVFStrongIn stock50
T/AVFUSoft/224158224x158AVFSupersoft5 working days50
Grit rangeBackingWeightTopcoatingWaterproof
A-Coarse - A-Medium - A-Fine - A-Very Fine STRONG - A-Very Fine SOFT - A-Very Fine SUPERSOFT - A Very Fine ULTRACUT - A Very Fine PPNylonweb--yes