Abrasive caps

Abrasive caps round

- Very efficient for all grinding and deburring operations in hard-to-reach locations
- Working with crosscut side also possible
- Quick to change
- Available in various grit sizes

Tool manufacture, moulds, precision mechanics, making models and miniatures, aerospace industry, etc.

Suitable for:
CodeHeightDiameterGritAvailabilityPacked per
SKB/150/0511115150In stock100
SKB/80/051111580In stock100
SKB/150/0713137150In stock100
SKB/60/071313760In stock100
SKB/80/071313780In stock100
SKB/150/10151510150In stock100
SKB/60/1015151060In stock100
SKB/80/1015151080In stock100
SKB/150/13191913150In stock100
SKB/80/1319191380In stock100
SKB/150/16262616150In stock100
SKB/80/1626261680In stock100