Cylindrical sleeves – Zirconium oxide

Good stock removal at high speeds

Stainless steel, mould construction, aerospace industry, model building, wood and plastic industries, etc.

The centrifugal tension of the abrasive holder ensures that the abrasive sleeves are automatically clamped tight.
Suitable for:
CodeHeightDiameterGritAvailabilityPacked per
SHS/150/10202010150In stock100
SHS/40/1020201040In stock100
SHS/60/1020201060In stock100
SHS/80/1020201080In stock100
SHS/150/15303015150In stock100
SHS/40/1530301540In stock100
SHS/60/1530301560In stock100
SHS/80/1530301580In stock100
SHS/150/22202022150In stock100
SHS/40/2220202240In stock100
SHS/60/2220202260In stock100
SHS/80/2220202280In stock100
SHS/150/30303030150In stock100
SHS/40/3030303040In stock100
SHS/60/3030303060In stock100
SHS/80/3030303080In stock100
SHS/150/45303045150In stock100
SHS/40/4530304540In stock100
SHS/60/4530304560In stock100
SHS/80/4530304580In stock100
SHS/150/60303060150In stock100
SHS/40/6030306040In stock100
SHS/60/6030306060In stock100
SHS/80/6030306080In stock100

Did you know there are double wound abrasive sleeves with a ceramic grit?
Please consult Cibo for the available sizes and grit.

Advice on user speeds of spiral sleeves
 min/max RPMrecommended RPM min/max RPMrecommended RPM
Ø 10 30.000 - 45.000 40.000Ø 45 9.000 - 13.000 11.500
Ø 15 25.000 - 35.000 30.000Ø 60 6.300 - 9.600 8.500
Ø 22 19.000 - 26.000 23.000Ø 75 5.000 - 7.500 6.500
Ø 30 13.000 - 19.000 17.000 
Respecting the minimum speed ensures that the abrasive sleeves are firmly attached to the holders.