Quick-Change systems - lockit

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Socatt® discs have a metal attachment plate on the disc and a quick change mechanism in the support. Socatt® guarantees a safe and durable attachment. You can change a disc in no time. Socatt® is the most popular quick change system worldwide. All Socatt® quick change discs are adaptable to all Speed-Lock supports. 


The Lockit® / Roloc® discs are provided with a nylon disc with a screw thread. This screw thread fits into the attachment system of the support. These discs fit on all Lockit® and Roloc® supports. You can easily exchange a disc with half a turn. 


All grades and grit dimensions are also available with a Quart-de-tour connection. Do you have any specific requests or wishes? Please let us know; Cibo can produce the Quart-de-tour discs for you very quickly.

Socatt®, Lockit and Roloc® are brandnames of the 3M Company.