Three-dimensional flexible abrasive materials

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Tex (nylon)

Nylon fibres are combined into a three-dimensional web structure using a thermo-setting synthetic resin. Grit is anchored in the synthetic resin. The result is an elastic abrasive material with an open structure. This tex abrasive material tears easily and has limited mechanical resistance. It is mostly used for manual applications in the form of sheets and rolls. The tex material does not affect the geometrical shape of the work pieces.


There are four main groups in tex materials.

A = Tex with aluminium oxide grit type
S = Tex with silicon carbide grit type
CP = Tex with high grade aluminium oxide and an improved resin formula
00 = Tex without grit type




Nylon Floorpads

This nylon is made from a very thick web structure and was specially designed for cleaning or polishing floors. For this purpose, discs are placed under a special floor grinding machine. This quality is made in various colours. Each colour stands for a specific grade of abrasiveness. The darker the colour, the more abrasive the grade. Thus, black is the coarsest and white the softest quality.

Reinforced tex (Surface conditioning)

Reinforced tex is an open nylon web, permeated with grit, which is anchored on a woven polyester structure. This provides the material with greater resistance against stretching and tearing and can also be used to create endless grinding belts.