S-line now extended to S+!

It’s important to us to stay up to date and we closely track the needs of our customers and their production processes. This has led to development of a new product line extending our Rebel One range – and the new S+ is a resounding ‘best-of-class’ in its category!

Now with 40% more service life.

An aggressive, durable unitised disc with exceptional crack resistance and a longer service life, designed for efficient removal of light burrs and accurate edge rounding. The next-generation S+ line raises 3D abrasives to a new level.

The new line offers better performance, a longer life, and more aggressiveness, without in any way compromising on the high quality of Rebel One Unitized. The S+ products have been designed for lightweight deburring tasks, for which they make a superb alternative to traditional steel wire, plastic-bonded deburring brushes and other conventional abrasives. 

Optimise your workflow with the Cibo S+ line and become part of the future of 3D abrasives. Learn more about the benefits of our durable, efficient S+ discs!

Explore the variety of properties and shapes!
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Laat toe om materialen op een eenvoudige en consistente manier af te werken.
Perfecte, consistente en reproduceerbare afwerking van het werkstuk.
Heeft geen invloed op de geometrie van het werkstuk: geen slijpfouten.
Koeler schuren dan traditionele schuurmiddelen: minder kans op verkleuring .
Zeer vergevingsgezind : een fout wordt niet meteen afgestraft.
Ook geschikt voor materialen die extreme hitte genereren zoals titanium en kobaltlegeringen .
Veilig voor roestvrij staal (ijzervrij).