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Every manufacturing industry.

Abrasives on flexible backing material are used in just about every manufacturing industry. The use that most probably springs to mind is traditional woodworking. However, these days abrasives are used in a huge variety of diverse applications. Most of these fall under the broad umbrella of metalworking. However, there are also highly advanced applications for working on stone, glass, synthetic materials and leather.

Without flexible abrasives, we would have no cars, no trains or planes, no computers, no oil refineries, no houses, furniture or interiors, no medical implants, no surgery, no restaurants or hotels, no engineering, no plumbing, no design, … In short, without flexible abrasives, our daily lives would look completely different.

Structure of abrasives.

Flexible abrasives have advanced steadily over the years.
Today's abrasives on flexible backing can be considered state-of-the-art technology. New grain types, new and better backing materials, sophisticated resins and high-tech grinding aids, are all ingeniously combined into products with highly specific, technically advanced characteristics.