Customer story: Pami Workspace Designers

Cibo helps Pami Workspace Designers finish their products to the next level.

You might never have heard the name Pami, but it’s very likely that right now – or during that meeting last week, or next year after the office refurb is complete – you are, were, or will be sitting on a Pami chair or at a Pami desk. You might also be organising your files in a Pami filing cabinet, or have a meeting room furnished by Pami.

The fact is, Pami is market leader for workspace design. What’s the company’s vision? And why is Cibo proud to be one of its long-term partners? Christophe Van Hees, Marketing Manager at Pami Workspace Designers, tells us more.

Watch the case below.

Creating job satisfaction

Christophe: ‘Pami has been established for over sixty years. We are a family business based in Pelt, with 150 employees. We work together with our customers towards one goal: to make furniture that will increase job satisfaction and help our customers’ staff give their best work. Most of our furniture is made at our own production facility in Pelt, complemented by a small number of preferred suppliers. With this model, we can provide a complete solution for our customer.’

‘At Pami, we manage the whole chain ourselves. By doing everything ourselves, we maintain control, which means we can guarantee our trademark high quality. And that’s why we at Pami seek out partners who have the same high standards and can reliably deliver the top quality we need.’

The search for premium partners

Christophe: ‘Production is naturally a very important part of our chain. The end customer doesn’t see much of this stage, but it certainly has a huge influence on the final result. A result that is very important to us as well as our customers.’

“To maintain our high standards, we need partners who can supply top quality. Partners like Cibo.”



‘In our own production facility, we can make sure everything is manufactured to our high quality standards. And the same standards apply to anything we use or buy in externally: we always choose the very best. Whether it’s the abrasive or the paint; the varnish or the wood finish, everything contributes to the final result. To maintain our high standards, we need partners who can supply top quality. Partners like Cibo. 

As a Belgian family business, with sustainability and social responsibility rooted deeply in our corporate values, we believe in the importance of sourcing locally. Just like us, Cibo is a Belgian family business, and it shares a lot of our values. That makes our partnership particularly valuable.’

RCD shines out

We only have to watch one of Pami’s welders in action to see what this quality means to them. It means working more quickly, more safely, more economically, and with more peace of mind.

Christophe: ‘After welding, our welders switch to working with Cibo’s RCD disc. The product finish is very important to us at Pami: for example, the base of a table leg needs to be completely smooth and flawless. Using the RCD disc, that happens almost automatically. Before the RCD, we needed three passes for each piece, but now we can sand stainless steel weld seams to the required smooth finish with a single operation. This doesn’t just save on time and material, either: there’s almost no chance for the workpiece to get scored or scratched. The job is much less stressful for our welders, plus the result is even better!’

“Our welders, sanders and coating technicians have a much less stressful job since they’ve started using the RCD discs, plus the result is even better!”



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