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Whereas in the past a single type of disc was used to work all types of materials and workpieces, Cibo now offers a product range of specific flap discs with very distinct properties.
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Cibo’s industrial line offers a range of flap discs with a perfect price-performance ratio.

The Industrial inox disc is the ideal entry level disc for grinding stainless steel. Thanks to the flexible cloth that was developed for this particular product, this disc will provide a great yield from the start, even in lower pressure applications. Combined with the high-grade 100% zirconium grit, the Industrial inox disc offers the best yield in low pressure applications even with less powerful 750-Watt machines.

The steel Industrial disc offers the same high-grade abrasive grains as the inox version but it comes with a slightly more rigid poly-cotton backing. This backing was developed for flap discs in particular and it has nearly doubled the lifespan compared to a traditional flap disc. The poly-cotton backing is at its best when used in slightly higher pressure applications and ensures a consistent abrasive pattern.
This results in consistent stock removal from start to finish.
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The Performance disc is one of the world’s most versatile discs. The unique and innovative combination of ceramic and zirconium abrasive grains allows for any metal to be finished at record speed. This disc combines the cut rate and lifespan of the Ultimate line with the user-friendliness of the Industrial line. This makes the Performance disc the ideal all-rounder for top-notch performance. The blue topcoating keeps this disc much cooler during operation. This extends its lifespan and prevents loaded by softer materials.
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The Ultimate disc is the most powerful flap disc on the market. Thanks to its specially composed ceramic grit, this disc provides the most grinding power for high-pressure applications. The perfect disc for heavy duty applications such as in shipyards, bridge building, rail, energy, etc.
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The extended flap disc:
heavy grinding in an inside corner

The flaps in an extended flap disc are placed in such a way that they ‘extend’ onto the carrier more than in a standard flap disc. The main benefit of this type of disc is that seam in a corner profile. The position of the flaps eliminates the risk of damage because direct contact between the carrier and the workpiece is avoided. The extended flap disc is the ideal option for heavy grinding in an inside corner
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The perfect companion

The Finipower Plus is the all-rounder among the angle grinders. Given its wide RPM range , this angle grinder is ideal for all your sanding and grinding work.

The ideal sanding machine to get the highest return from our flap discs and RCD finishing discs.

Finipower Plus
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