Orthopedic & medical

Orthopedic implant & surgical instrument industry.

After an extensive market study, thorough R&D and competitor analysis Cibo Abrasives created a unitized product range to specifically service the orthopedic implant/surgical instrument industry.
These Rebel One unitized wheels can be used in various production processes for finishing and deburring stainless steel or titanium instruments and implants to the finest detail.

The art of finishing

The medical industry is becoming increasingly more demanding, which is causing finish-related quality standards to become more and more stringent. This is also the case for implants and surgical instruments, which is often completely finished up to the sterilization process.

In order to meet the stringent requirements of the orthopedic industry, a manufacturer needs a partner with unique expertise in terms of sanding and finishing.

Higher productivity

Increasing demand is an important factor as well. This means that operators must work with products that save both time and costs. One such product is the Rebel One unitized sanding wheel. These wheels are manufactured through a state of the art production process that was optimized for the orthopedic industry even at the ingredient level.

The modified production process allows us to combine a high cut rate with cool grinding and a very fine finish. The higher cutting speed also reduces heating of the work piece. Excess heat may cause discoloration and ultimately lead to rejection of implants and instruments. Cibo‘s sanding wheels reduce the number of rejects, which leads to higher productivity and cost reduction.

Animal derivative
& solvent free

At Cibo Abrasives we have unitized wheels available that do not contain any ingredients based on animal products, byproducts or derivatives of those products.

All ingredients are of either synthetic, mineral or vegetal origin. Besides that, the full unitized range is 100% free of solvents.

Video: Rebel One unitized for orthopedic purposes


  • Higher cut rate.

  • Less heat generation.

  • Longer product lifetime.

  • Firm density but flexible & forgiving at the same time.

  • No peeling.

  • Consistent & high quality finish.

Orthopedic & medical product range

The use of a new generation synthetic resin and a unique production process has allowed us to develop unitized sanding wheels that enable you to manufacture high-quality implants and instruments at high volumes, continuously.

Removing sharp edges, milling lines, deburring; pre-polishing

S+: Ideal for removing light burrs, rounding edges; orthopaedic and robotic grinding.
Silicon carbide
5 = 2SF, 6 = 3SF, 7 = 6SF
Stock Removal
Control over workpiece
Discover the S+
S+lijn verpakking transparant

Removing milling lines and welds; deburring

M-line: More aggressive than the S-line, with a slightly rougher finish.
Aluminium Oxide
5 → 8
Stock Removal
Control over workpiece
Discover the M-line
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