Grind and finish stainless steel in one simple step.

The RCD disc is a unique flap disc that serves as both a machining and finishing disc. Use the Cibo RCD disc to grind down weld seams and create a flawless finish in a single pass.

Three tasks in one

In the past, a skilled grinder needed at least three passes to get a good finish. Now, with Cibo’s patented tool, even an inexperienced user can get the job done in a single step.

It takes just one operation to grind off an RVS weld seam and create a flawless finish. 

Save on time , save on costs – and get a better finish! Are you ready to make savings on time and labour, without compromising your perfect finish?

Cibo has the solution for you: our revolutionary patented RCD disc!

Current three-disc method


Step 1

Grind with a grit 60 flap disc to remove the weld seam.

Step 2

Regrind with a finer grit (80 or 120).

Step 3

Final pass with a reinforced Tex flap disc to get the finish.

Risks of the current three-disc method

If you try and work too quickly, the coarse grit may create deep grooves.
There is always a risk of scoring the material.
Your corners can end up too rounded; you’re grinding facets.
If you keep grinding for too long, you produce heat.
But if you try and work too fast, and opt for an overly coarse grit, you risk grinding off too much of your stock.
Then you have to call in an expert to try to correct or match the geometry – and end up taking extra time.
Summary: the current approach demands experience and a lot of skill to get a good result.

The solution

Cibo has developed a unique solution to eliminate these risks: an innovative grinding disc that makes it easy to perform grinding and finishing in one single operation.

With the RCD disc, you don’t just grind off the RVS weld seam in a single operation; you also get a clean finish. The two complementary abrasives work together for a superb result, and all it takes is a single pass.


Suitable for:

Stainless steel
Non-ferrous metals

What makes RCD so unique?

Cibo's unique combination of two abrasives, each with its own special properties, makes a product where two and two make at least five. The RCD is made of polycotton abrasive cloth. That makes it extra - flexible, yet powerful thanks to the grinding aid. In addition, the surface conditioning and the abrasive cloth ensure it grinds evenly. This gives you elasticity and a shock-absorbing effect during grinding. Precision work and ease of use guaranteed!

All our discs are produced in Belgium and meet the highest quality standards.

Advantages of RCD

Controlled stock removal: you don't create pits or remove too much material.
Forgiving disc: the soft contact and controlled removal eliminate any risk of damage.
Uniform finish: this translates into a low, consistent Ra value.
Lower heat production: no discolouration on the workpiece.
Huge time savings: just one operation instead of three means a lower cost price.
Versatile: stainless steel or aluminium, woodwork or metal chassis... there’s an RCD for every type of material.
Environmentally friendly: the unique composition means less loss and less waste.

Use the RCD for:

  • Finishing light weld seams

  • Finishing corners and toothing

  • Improving surface roughness

  • Refining coarse sanding lines

  • Breaking sharp edges

  • Light deburring
  • Removing scoring

  • Grinding down casting defects

  • Homogenising surfaces

  • Pre-polishing

  • Removing weld spatter

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Tips & Tricks

Grind from front to back with a brushing motion, rather than across the seam.
Grind at an angle of 30 degrees, rather than 45 degrees.
Reduce the speed from 10,000 rpm to 3,000 rpm for best results!


RCD finishing discs

Do you want a combination of a high-quality and uniform finish coupled with controlled material removal?
If so, use this finishing disc, with the Quick Change mechanism as a small and extremely adaptable variant. Ideal for finishing angles, reducing surface roughness, breaking edges,...

These discs can be put to use for a wide variety of purposes: stainless steel, aluminum, soft metals, special alloys,...

Glass Fibre Backing

Type : conical

⌀ 115 - 125 - 180
(4-1/2” x 7/8” - 5 x 7/8”)

Grit (type):
VF - ME - CO (Aluminium oxide)
More info

Quick Change

Type : Lockit® - Socatt®

⌀ 75

Grit (type):
More info

RCD grinding discs

Heavy grinding and finishing at the same time? Yes, it's possible!
With RCD Extra and Ultra Coarse you are holding onto a very aggressive disc thanks to the ceramic cloth, while the surface conditioning between the ceramic flaps limits the grinding depth. The dampening function of the surface conditioning flaps guarantees a greater amount of control during grinding.

With these extra aggressive RCDs you can grind away all heavy welds in one go and finish them seamlessly at the same time. These discs are the perfect discs for aluminium, but can also be used on steel and stainless steel.

Glass Fibre Backing

Type : conical

⌀ 115 - 125
(4-1/2” x 7/8”)

Grit (type):
UX - UC (Ceramic)
More info

Maximize your RCD disc performance with the Finipower Plus!

The Finipower Plus is the all-rounder among the machines. Given its wide rpm range, this angle grinder is ideal for all your sanding and grinding work. It can be used in combination with our Rebel One unitized range, our flap discs and our RCD finishing discs.
Finipower Plus
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