Rebel One

A complete catalogue for finishing stainless steel.

Do you want to work faster, more safely, and more easily?
Then check out Cibo’s new generation of unitized abrasives! Designed for finishing stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, they promise better results, in less time, with a very low risk of grinding defects, and all with maximum user-friendliness.
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Why would you choose unitized, rather than traditional abrasives?

More control

With a unitized material, you can create exactly the finish you want for your components, without disrupting the geometry of the workpiece or grinding pits into it. No need to worry about critical tolerances!

Cool grinding

Unitized materials work cooler than “coated” or “bonded” abrasives, and that means less chance of deformation or discolouration of the workpiece.

Uniform finish

Unitized products create a uniform, consistent and reproducible finish.

The range

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Scratch removal; correction of grinding defects; pre-polishing.
Ontdek de S-lijn!
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Ideal for removing light burrs, rounding edges.

More about the S-line!
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Removal of scoring and weld seams; deburring.
More about the M-line!
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Removal of weld discolouration, removal of paint and coatings; texturing.
More about the F-line!
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Aggressive grinding with fast,
controlled stock removal.
More about the T-line!
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Snel, makkelijk en risicoloos de lasnaad in een binnenhoek wegnemen en tot in de puntjes afwerken.
More about the Combi!
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What is Unitized?

Unified abrasives, known as “unitized”, are versatile abrasives that offer great precision and efficiency for finishing work. Learn more about unified abrasives, so that you can make informed decisions and choose the right tool for the job – it’s all about better and more cost-effective results!

So do make sure to have a look at our page “What is unitized”?
What is unitized?

100% Belgian, 100% Cibo

At Cibo, all the base materials for our unitized grades are produced entirely in-house.

That way, we can guarantee stable quality. We are also highly flexible and respond quickly to new trends in the market.
That means we can offer you the most advanced range of unitized products currently available on the market.
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