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We’ve put together this page to help you choose the right Rebel One product for you.
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Which Rebel One product is right for you?

Find the right Rebel One: it’s as simple as 1-2-3!

1. Which finish?

Use the range overview to find which Rebel One series is best suited to your task.

2. Which shape?

Choose the right shape to suit your workpiece and the finish that you want to achieve. If you want a smooth finish, go for a disc; for weld seams in angles, you should choose a sanding wheel.

3. Which density?

Use the three tables below to determine which variant is right for you. (Make sure to read “What is density?”)
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Stock removal

Control over workpiece

What is density?

Density refers to the hardness of a disc. The softer the disc, the more flexible it is and the more control you have on the workpiece.  
Density is expressed on a scale from 1 (most flexible) to 10 (least flexible).

However, density is not directly proportional to the stock removal. Depending on the abrasive grain used with the disc, you can still get high aggressiveness from a more flexible disc.

Overview of the Rebel One range

s-lijn + icon


Scratch removal; correction of grinding defects; pre-polishing.
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s+-lijn + icon


Ideal for removing light burrs, rounding edges.

Discover the S+
m-lijn + icon


Removal of scoring and weld seams; deburring.
Discover the M-line!
f-lijn + icon


Removal of weld discolouration, removal of paint and coatings; texturing.
Discover the F-line!
T-lijn + icon


Aggressive grinding with fast, controlled stock removal.
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g-lijn + icon


Fast, easy, safe removal of weld seams in internal angles – down to the last detail.
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